The Metastasis Prize

The prize (currently 12.000€) will be awarded to scientists who convincingly show that the proposed projects will generate a new opening in metastasis research. It must be clear from the proposal how the preliminary results obtained through the prize may enable the candidate to apply competitively for a research grant from national or international organizations.

Following the first prize assignment in 2013 we decided to award two prizes in 2015. We selected both an early stage (category A = until 6 years after PhD)  and a more advanced stage scientist (category B = until 12 years after PhD) as awardees of the Metastasis Prize. 2017, we awarded two prizes, this time both in category B.

Eligibility: We fund science performed in universities or not-for-profit organizations in the countries of the European Research Community (ERC; as defined by the EU


The 2019 awardees will present their project at the EACR “Seed and Soil 2019” meeting.

We invite you to join us at the 2nd joint EACR-MRS Conference on Seed and Soil: Mechanisms of Metastasis. This is a joint conference organised by the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and Metastasis Research Society (MRS).
Metastasis formation is responsible for over 90% of cancer patient deaths, largely due to the fact that therapies are generally ineffective against detectable metastatic tumors. There is thus a crucial need to mechanistically understand the cellular, tissue and whole-body processes driving metastasis formation in order to identify effective therapeutic strategies. This conference will give an in-depth overview of our current knowledge on cancer, stromal and immune cell centered mechanisms promoting metastasis formation presented by world-leading researchers in the field.